Current Series

"Built Up" - A Study of the Book of Nehemiah

Pastor Karl Cantrell

Join us each Wednesday as we take a journey through the book of Nehemiah. 

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Falling Over the Gospel

Every person ever born in this world will one day find themselves in eternity. In this message we see that God has literally given each of us an opportunitiy to choose Jesus. Unforntunately, many miss the opportunity and literally fall over the gospel only to face a Christless eternity. 

Transformational Truths: Faith

Salvation is so simple, yet so inexhaustible! It really is a transformational moment! There are several Bible terms that deal with different facets of what happens to a person when they get saved. During this study we will discover what it is to be justified, redeemed, reconciled, and many others. 

Built Up: Divine Placement

Nehemiah, much like us, experienced some exciting times in history. We'll see how God takes a man born in exile and providentially uses a heathen king to help Nehemiah restore some of the most historically important walls to ever exist.